Kindling the fire of the e-book debate


Photo: Harper Studio

E-book stores have become like vending machines, which the eager reader can use to purchase and consume novels like a child in a candy shop.  Often they might stop and stare in awe at the splendid colourful digitalised front covers, tempted by too much choice, not knowing whether to buy one or the other or both.  With the press of a couple of buttons their book drops and downloads onto their device. 

Digital devices have watered down the art of reading.  What was once an enjoyable public pastime, and part of the café culture,is becoming very private and prudish, and something that is quickly consumed around the hectic modern day lifestyle.  E-readers also hide the material and allow consumers to indulge in their smutty fetishes and guilty pleasures - Harper Collins have tapped into this erotica market with a new e-book publishing arm Mischief.  Ooh aah.